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Candle Refills - The Refill Bar

Candle Refills - The Refill Bar

  • $990

October 12th launches the beginnings of THE REFILL BAR, a collaboration between Illumina and Urban Herbalist at Orakei Bay Village. Bring along your clean empty candle vessels and choose from one of four fragrances of the season. Your candles will be ready to collect from Urban Herbalist in 5 working days, or you can add a courier option to have them sent directly to you. Come along and see the exciting luxury home refill options we have for you.

To decide how large your refill is, measure the volume of water your vessel holds in millilitres, and select the closest replacement fill level, rounding up.  For example, if your vessel holds 180 ml, select 200 ml rather than 150.  We will send you a few tea lights to use the remainder of the wax!


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