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Fragrance Expressions


Purple Orchid

Voluptuous, opulent and mysterious. Our NEW release fragrance is an alluring and sensual fragrance with exotic purple orchid and spicy notes. A sensual depth lingers with the timeless base notes of white gardenia and warm amber.

Tutti Frutti

Fill your home with summer memories with a bouquet of lemon, cassis and watermelon. Add a splash of marine notes and a dash of musk, coconut and vanilla to soften the sweetness and satisfy the senses.

Marshmallow Puff

The delicious smells of marshmallow cream, vanilla, amber and sandalwood are given a light lift with hints of rose and orange blossom. Candle connoisseurs might catch the subtle notes of blackcurrant and lemon that deepen the complexity of this divine fragrance.

Pink Grapefruit & Cassis

Refresh and invigorate with tangy cassis and uplifting citrus notes of pink-grapefruit, orange and lemon. Whispers of white musk, rose and jasmine add a complexity to this fruity fragrance.

Sweet Pea & Gardenia

Traditionally a wedding flower, sweet pea reaches new levels of romanticism with a sophisticated blend of gardenia, bergamot and jasmine. The base notes of winter melon, anise and mimosa linger irresistibly in the background.





Fresh mandarin top notes experience a modern twist with intoxicating yuzu, pink grapefruit and lemon. An unexpected softness from the heart notes of cassis and musky base notes leave an indelible finish.

Lemon Peel & Ginger

White floral notes enhance the fresh lemon base of this uplifting fragrance.   The addition of ginger softens the citrus notes to appease the rawness of the lemon peel in a ying and yang fashion.


This is the most pleasant citronella fragrance you will ever encounter. The lemon scent comes through well, still carrying the amazing property of scaring off those nasty mozzies!!!

Bamboo and White Lily

An elegant blend of white lily gently wrapped in the oriental notes of fresh cut bamboo. Subtle hints of warm spice and woody musk create an enticing environment.






White Peony

This elegant fragrance embodies the true essence of a soft white peony coming into bloom, creating a blissfully romantic setting in your home. A favourite with blushing brides and garden lovers

Vintage Gardenia and Ginger

The flowering of a pure white gardenia flower signals the arrival of summer along with its intoxicating smell similar to jasmine, with a bit of thickened cream and a dollop of orange blossom honey. Stir in a bit of peppery-hot ginger to compliment the sweet blossoms and a delicious fragrance is born.

Botanical Rose

Rose lovers behold! We have written a fragrance novel for you! Sift through the pages of this garden floral novel and you will find a story interlaced with green fig, pepper, cedarwood, and vetiver.

Woodland Violets

Walk deeply into a dense forest of cedar wood. Float lightly over a field of lily of the valley. Roll through a meadow of violets.  Then you will arrive at a sea, floating with jasmine & rose petals. 





French Vanilla

What else needs to be said about this classic fragrance? It’s the tonka beans that make it unique with that slight nutty butter smell so it’s not too sweet. It is completely irresistible!

Vanilla & Coffee Bean

The sweetness of classic vanilla is warmed by the deep tones of roasted coffee beans to create an addictive harmony of two all-time favourites! Burn this candle in your kitchen or bathroom to absorb unwanted odours!

Sweet Pomegranate

Be 16 again with this sweet fruit juicy pomegranate fragrance. It is lightly tickled with musk to round the youthful notes.

White Tea and Ginger

Relax with the warm soothing notes of ginger, nutmeg and musk. Peony and hyacinth add a subtle component to the top notes of lemon, bergamot and lily creating a subtle captivating fragrance.

Salted Caramel

As impossible to resist as it sounds. Experience the clash of sweet and salty for a refined gourmand fragrance that you will have to burn or you will want to eat it!








An elegant enduring fragrance with fresh grapefruit as the top note, a heart of jasmine and lavender deepened by everlasting patchouli, amber and tonka beans.

Black Mist

The ancient notes of vetiver, nutmeg and cardamom are softened with the delicate jasmine and violet flowers. Beware sandalwood lovers,  you will be rewardingly enticed!


Your new summer fragrance has arrived!  Natural earthy notes merge with musk, patchouli and vanilla to take you right back to your most treasured beach experience.

Sweet Musk & Amber

A unique and complex blend of  sweet musk and  rustic amber have been given a fresh twist by adding  mandarin, spring jasmine & autumn violet. The base note of vanilla deepens the overall woodiness of this fragrance, creating a sultry historical aroma.

Vetiver & Spice

A specific woody patchouli note is  layered in this medley with cedarwood and smokey vetiver. The warm notes of amber  & pepper deepen this ancient style fragrance. The citrus undertones of orange and grapefruit add a touch of femininity to lighten the overall earthiness of this exotic fragrance.






Transport yourself in time to the happiest seasonal memories by taking a forest walk. You will smell pine needle, pohutakawa bark, cedar wood and eucalyptus leaf. An unexpected tropical breeze sweeps past you, adding a touch of sweetness to this woody pleasure. 

Silver Pine

The smell of Christmas, this is an elegant combination of Silver Pine and Cedarwood with delicate hints of Wild Mint and Hyacinth.

Fragrance Development

Illuminas' fragrances are developed in consultation with Francois  Merle-Baudoin, a fifth generation French perfumer from the internationally famous Grasse parfumaries of the famed French Cote D’Azure. Francois’ fragrances consistently win international awards with his expertise lending an underlying complexity to the essence of Illuminas' candles.  Our bespoke fragrances are created by Francois to convey a  story befitting the beautiful vessels used. As your candle burns, you are taken on a voyage through a harmonious blend of top notes, middle notes and base note fragrances. Take a journey with Illumina.