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Our Story

The sense of “Smell” reaches deep into our brains instantly accessing  our most treasured memories – making us smile, laugh or cry. When I open  a container of cinnamon  I am instantly transported back to the kitchen of my childhood where I watch my mother sprinkle this secret ingredient into her delectable risotto.

A leisurely soak in the bath with a Woodland Violet candle burning, evokes the fragrance I wore when I was 27 and had the world at my feet. The crystal cut container reminds me of my divine grandmother’s  dressing table adorned with crystal bowls filled with antique jewellery. 

 Smell invokes memories. Memories are made powerful by smell.

My love and passion for beautiful moments in time inspires my candles. I began hand making them in my kitchen, with a double boiler and some mason jars.

After my first batch, I became consumed with making the longest burning candles with  the best scent throw. My love of antiques vessels inspired a memory-inspiring range of candles with fragrances that engulf you, transporting you back to a long-forgotten moment.

Illumina candles are exquisite keepsakes that transform any room.

Hand poured in New Zealand, our artisan team is dedicated to providing the highest quality candles and unsurpassable service.


Illumina candles create more than a mood. They create a memory.